Flaunt your face!

Freelance Make-up Artist


Rachel uses a mixture of different products to achieve the best results for her clients, she is a big fan of Mac Cosmetics so generally uses their foundation for full, long lasting coverage. If you prefer a youthful dewy look, Rachel may add an illuminating fluid to your foundation. This will be lightweight and radiant to add great dimension to your face.

If you are not used to wearing make up and would prefer a lighter coverage she may use alternatives to suit you better.

Rachel uses a variety of shadows depending on what look you wish to achieve. Make Up Geek are her favourite overall, very closely followed by Mac & Urban Decay.

For lips, Rachel has a selection of lip stains, gloss's and lipsticks in a range of different colours. Lip stains are great for long lasting wear with a gloss/balm over the top, however the colours are not as varied as perhaps lipsticks or glosses. If you have your favourite stick you'd like to use, Rachel will be more than happy to apply this for you. She will also provide a top up of your chosen lip colour in a sample pot with a small lip brush for your maid of honour to carry for you!

For blusher, highlighter, brow lifters, brow fillers, mascara and primer, Rachel uses a mixture of all sorts dependant on the look you wish to go for.

All make-up is applied using professional make-up brushes.